Word About Batik

word about batikBatik is a very ancient art form using colorful dyes and hot wax on fiber/fabric.

Why Batik Is So Unique

tools files smallBatik is crafted fabrics that needs to undergo to dedicate

How To Create Batik Arts

how to create batik artThe batik process explained in simple terms:

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My Batik arts are Not the customary plain Batiks, but rather large and very colorful creations of arts. View from my 

new selection of large Batiks and imagine the dominance of such Batik in bringing any featuring wall to life

Themes of my Batik stretches into abstract, nature with fauna and animal kingdom as well as spirituality,

sensuality, but always with one constant: vibrant colors. It is worth the efforts of browsing the selection of my

gorgeous Batik art. 


This authentic and original Batik work is carefully created and emphasized details, style and

character. Each piece of batik art uses an ancient traditional mixture of craft and art using wax combinations and

quality Swiss dyes. The effects, in theory, are achieved through the principle of wax resisting dyeing methods.

 This art itself is easy to care for as the canvas for my Batik is made from 100% cotton and creases or wrinkles

can be removed by ironing (on high temp) the fabric from the reverse side. All of my Batiks have borders to

allow easy wrap around for stretching and framing. Additional framing ideas are between glass for a two sided

presentation or between glass as a raised center piece for a table in conference rooms or homes. 



 Although my Batiks will endure the tests of time if properly handled, It is not advisable to expose my art to direct

sunlight. Just like your skin color, the dyes of my Batiks will burn off after time from such an exposure........smile............


As art lovers, I am confident that you will find my Batiks anything but the usual Batik. My  emphasizes of details

into vibrancy of colors allows my art into a class of its own. Make a selection within my Gallery and let your walls

or tables come alive by my Batik art. My Batik will certainly be a conversation piece in any environment. 



About Me

Award winning artist, Rita Wickramasinghe has created Batik Wall Art for over 35 years. Currently living in Florida, she brought this 3000 year old art to the United States several years ago from her home country of Sri Lanka.

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