Word About Batik

word about batikBatik is a very ancient art form using colorful dyes and hot wax on fiber/fabric.

Why Batik Is So Unique

tools files smallBatik is crafted fabrics that needs to undergo to dedicate

How To Create Batik Arts

how to create batik artThe batik process explained in simple terms:

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Batik is a crafted fabric that needs to undergo the delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing and boiling.

Wax is used as a mean of color blocking in the coloring process. Every part of the fabric that remains untouched by a certain color has to be covered with wax. There are also several sub-processes like preparing the cloth, tracing the designs, stretching the cloth on the frame, waxing the area of the cloth that does not need dyeing, preparing the dye, dipping the cloth in dye, boiling the cloth to remove wax and washing the cloth in soap.

The more colors a batik fabric has, the more times it has been through the process of applying wax, dyeing, and drying, then removing the wax. The process has to happen in a precise order that will produce the pattern or figures that are desired. Additionally, the order of which colors to apply also has to be followed.

Batik cloth can be made into garments, paintings, scarves, bags, table-cloths, bedspreads, curtains, and other decorative items.

Traditional batik is synonymous with silk or cotton. The re-introduction of natural dyes and technique has expanded the scope to include unexpected fabrics like chiffon, velvet, georgette, cheesecloth and voile mostly for fashion apparel. As for batik painting, the most commonly used fabrics are cotton and silk. There are various types of fabrics under these two categories such as poplin, voile, rayon, habotai silk, crepe de chine (cdc), jacquard and satin.

About Me

Award winning artist, Rita Wickramasinghe has created Batik Wall Art for over 35 years. Currently living in Florida, she brought this 3000 year old art to the United States several years ago from her home country of Sri Lanka.

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