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Hand made Artistic  Batik beach wraps 

Batik is a traditional method of wax hand painting. The artist begins with a blank white sarong. Melted wax is poured into a stylus and is used to draw the outline of the design. This keeps the color inside the outline. This results in a white outline when the wax is removed. Once the wax is dry, the artist will fill in the design using little tool connected with a stick. The color will be dyed into the fabric until it reaches the wax outlines. The color will bleed through the fabric so the design will be vibrant on both sides of the strong. After the design is painted, the wax is removed with boiling hot water and resulting in a one of a kind, hand painted sarong or we called it a wrap.

These wraps can be worn in many different ways !! they are  100% Indian Voile, comfortable, lightweight, Elegant, stylish and looks great over swimsuits at the Beach, Pool Parties or for daily wear lounging around in the House. As they are all handcrafted, no two wrap skirts are alike.  Each wrap is uniquely made and cannot be repeated.
Many designs, all uniquely handmade.
This wrap-around skirt and its length can be a good substitute for Plus Size Skirts.
Use your imagination to wear this wrap skirt in many different ways.
Wrap Around - one skirt fits all sizes.
Wear it as a skirt or wear it as a Sarong if properly folded into a cross over the shoulder. Wrap it around your hips and tie it at the side. Wrap it around your chest and tie it in the front or to the back or side around your shoulder. 
Free size "60x42" -strap at the end of each beach wraps are size 30". Each wrap is uniquely made and
cannot be duplicated.Can be customized as per the requirements of our clients.Most of my beach wraps were sold.I need a time
to make them if you need.
Thank You,
Any question please contact artist Rita wickramasinghe

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