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Batik is a very ancient art form using colorful dyes and hot wax on fiber/fabric. The hot wax will both, hold and resist as the dyes are brushed or dipped onto a piece of fabric. The fabric is usually 100% cotton or silk. Rita Wick has developed her own contemporary methods of batiking with ink. She has also been commissioned to create art pieces for her clients.

1. Batik designs are drawn on fine cotton, linen, or silk. When the pencil drawings art is ready, the hot liquid wax is used to apply with a brush or pen like tool, called canting. This particular tool is dipped into the hot wax, and then applied onto the fabric.

2. The method of coating and covering wax allows for designated areas to have color or be protected from it. The area coated or covered with wax will not allow color.

3. The waxed cloth is dipped into a dye, which forms the thick blend of colors on the non wax covered part of the fabric.To enhance the deep colors a rotation between the liquid color mixture and salt water for cleansing is a method used by Rita.

Finally, the Batik pieces have to be freed from the wax layers by dipping the dyed cloth in to the hot boiling water, which helps the wax separate from the cloth followed by a regular washing method and a cold water dip. By such methods of wax and dye, you can also use such process for various colors by using the waxing and boiling for every layer of color used in your batik art. The more color, the more complex the method of applying.

When viewing batik art, you will find that the front and the back of the batik art piece are the same, in other words, all batik is double sided with the same design (in mirror form). Such Art is best presented between two pieces of glass as a frame, in other words the "stained glass" effect.

Batik Wall Hangers
The batik wall hangers captive audiences and cultures Worldwide. It has scenic wild life, marine life and culture Settings as well as the universal abstract designs are done by the batik artist Rita Wickramasinghe.

Batik Beach Wraps
Beach Wraps are recognized as antique and traditional works of art in Sri Lanka. This is a tradition way of designing fabrics such as cotton and silk. These are exceptional and authentic styles and fashion. The simple and elegant touch of class and exotic colors makes this an original piece of wear art. Beach wraps can be worn to the beach, pool or to a cocktail party.


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