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Charm Of A Woman

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Charm of a women 21x35"


My batik art is exclusively created using the original, old fashioned Batik technique.

As standard, my Batik Art Paintings are offered without a frame and are sold in

cloth form.  Framing suggestions are: 1)  stretched over a wood frame and attached to a decorative frame, 2) placed between protective glass and framed, thus visible as a two sided art, or 3) between glass and used as a table center piece just like a rectangular or square plate.

Batik Art is cotton fabric, the canvass, that needs to undergo the delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing and boiling.

Wax is used as a mean of color blocking, known as resisting, in the coloring process. Every part of the fabric that remains untouched by a certain color has to be covered with wax. This process includes  preparations such as preparing the cloth, tracing the designs, stretching the cloth on the frame, waxing the area of the cloth that does not need dyeing, preparing the dye, dipping the cloth in dye, boiling the cloth to remove wax and washing the cloth in soap and salt solution to assure the applied colors to fastened 

 All of my Batiks are Originals.  Batik is an ancient art form, over 3000 years, in which fabric is painted with wax and then dipped in dye. Where ever the wax was applied, the fabric resists, or blocks the dye color.  For each color, the fabric is waxed and dyed using traditional tajanting tools.

Over the years,  I have experienced with many modern dyes in order to achieve the quality and vibrant colors  I left the black border  around the art so you can decide  on  your own method of display. Framing options that I have used with my Batiks are described in the above paragraph and   include framing for wall art or between glass for a table center plate. Many of my Batiks are also used in combination with “quilting” and as “table runners”.  I have several Batik Arts in Bank and office Lobby’s. The Batik hangs high in such Lobbies, between glass and can be viewed “coming and going” from art admirers below

 If you need to know more about the details of the art, please contact me.

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